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You may already be engaged in providing hosted VoIP services to your customers.

If that is the case, are you enjoying the support, performance and commercial terms that will help you grow and thrive in this area? Is the service you are providing comprehensive and flexible to meet your customers’ requirements? Does your current provider gives you a portal to properly manage your customers? Find out how we can provide a profitable and well supported alternative, please call us for a confidential discussion.

Voice Resellers

If you have a customer portal and support capability you can easily add hosted VoIP to your business portfolio. Offer your customers the products they need today rather than lose them to a competitor. will provide training and support to enable you to set up a profitable new arm to your business. Hello, do not charge for training and accreditation. A dedicated web portal bearing your own brand confirms your status as the provider of the service.

High margins on recurring service charges and wholesale call rates add up to a profitable enterprise. Hello’s private broadband network provides ISDN quality and peace of mind. Contact us now for an initial discussion or click here to request a call back from our Reseller team.
Voice Dealers

Add VoIP products to your sales portfolio with no effort. Full training and support provided. Call us now for an initial discussion or click here to request a call back.

Mobile DialerApplications

To download the Marvit VoIP dialer client, which is a software application, to your mobile handset or your PC. you need have internet connection Edge, 3G or WiFi access to make a cals.

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PC Softphonefor Windows

Net Dial Dialer for is a softphone that once downloaded and configured with Net Dial account details, cell phone users can start making VoIP calls from their regular devices. So now you can have a mobility and superior voice quality along with economic VoIP rates.

Free download our Sipex dialer Sip certified

  Country              Price Per Min. $
samaatel usa callingUSA  5 Cent country callCanada5 Cent country call Tunisia22.5 Cent country callMarocco21 5Cent country callAlgeria21 Cent country callLibya19 Cent country call Egypt15 Cent country callFrance5 Cent country callGermany5 Cent country callUK 5 Cent country callItaly5 Cent country callSpain5 Cent country callIraq6 Cent country callIndia2.5 Cent
netdial.Europe country callChina15 Cent
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