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Net Dial


How it Works

You can use Net Dial in various ways to get connected at the highest voice quality and lowest rates possible.
How to Get Started .
    1. Apply for a Net Dial account by visiting the Sign Up Page. Fill in the necessary fields and click on Submit.
    2. After you have clicked on Submit, you will be able to see your login information and a confirmation will also be sent to your email id.
    3. The login information will have two account details ... one for Net Dial Customer Self-Care Interface access, and the other for SIP authentication (smart-phone Apps and Softphones). The password is common for both the id’s.
  2. Download the appropriate Net Dial App from the links below:
  3. Signing into Net Dial Apps
    a. Open the App, enter your SIP account details for Username / Password. Click Sign In.
    b. Once you are logged in, you will able to see “Registered” on the phone.
    c. Your are ready to make calls.
  4. Making Free Calls
  5. a. To make free calls from mobile to mobile, just dial the Net Dial phone number of the person you are trying to reach.
  6. Making Calls to Landline or Mobile
    a. First, Add Credit to your account if you have $0.00 balance in your account.
    b. Make international calls by using this format: 00+country code+phone number. For example, to call 2222222222, you have to dial 442222222222.

  Country              Price Per Min. $
samaatel usa callingUSA  5 Cent country callCanada 5 Cent country call Tunisia 22.5 Cent country callMarocco 21 5Cent country callAlgeria 21 Cent country callLibya 19 Cent country call Egypt 15 Cent country callFrance 5 Cent country callGermany 5 Cent country callUK 5 Cent country callItaly 5 Cent country callSpain 5 Cent country callIraq 6 Cent country callIndia 2.5 Cent country callChina 15 Cent
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