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NetDial of America earns the trust and respect of its customers and business partners by providing three of the most important services that companies rely upon, Webphone Clic2Talk from your web page, VoIP telecommunications and Livehelp chat delivering those services with world class technical support, sales and consultation.

Through forward thinking and the use of new and innovative technologies we offer and implement services that are reliable, secure and perform to give the type of competitive edge that a customer needs to succeed in today’s ever changing market place.

Netdial a retailer partner with Robotel of America is determined to change the way that a customer views their service provider by being proactive in solving business needs and problems they may not even be aware of.

We are committed to providing a full range of services at reasonable costs while maintaining a high standard of quality, responsiveness and safety for a variety of clients. With our up to date facility, over a million of calls with access to the latest technology of the Web voice Real Time and have the ability to offer our services worldwide.

As a 24x7 service organization, we are able to support all of our clients telecommunication service needs from engineering consulting to emergency response.

All of our team members are remarkably skilled with real-world, safety and effective training.

Mobile DialerApplications

To download the Marvit VoIP dialer client, which is a software application, to your mobile handset or your PC. you need have internet connection Edge, 3G or WiFi access to make a cals.

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PC Softphonefor Windows

Net Dial Dialer for is a softphone that once downloaded and configured with Net Dial account details, cell phone users can start making VoIP calls from their regular devices. So now you can have a mobility and superior voice quality along with economic VoIP rates.

Free download our Sipex dialer Sip certified
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  Country              Price Per Min. $
samaatel usa callingUSA  5 Cent country callCanada 5 Cent country call Tunisia 22.5 Cent country callMarocco 21 5Cent country callAlgeria 21 Cent country callLibya 19 Cent country call Egypt 15 Cent country callFrance 5 Cent country callGermany 5 Cent country callUK 5 Cent country callItaly 5 Cent country callSpain 5 Cent country callIraq 6 Cent country callIndia 2.5 Cent country callChina 15 Cent
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