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Robotel of America Solutions is a leading provider of VoIP, SMS & Livehelp chat technology and resource solutions.

Incorporated in the USA, with regional offices across Canada and North America, Robotel of America LLC has established itself as a major provider of network implementation and network operational services in the VoIP telecommunications industry.The company has a global presence able to support clients across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

With a vision to provide first class industry leading solutions the Robotel Management Team brings over 12 Years Expertise and a commitment to deliver the highest levels of quality and professionalism to all its services.

With a team of in-house OEM Certified Engineers in USA, Canada and India, we are able to provide a truly Turnkey Solution for Franchisers and resellers from Network Planning to Integration and customer Competency Knowledge Transfer.

The company has proven experience in delivering and executing projects and services for network implementation, operation & maintenance, performance & optimization, hardware & software support, remote network integration and technical support.

We are also active members of the TELCO Professionals Association (T P A)

Mobile DialerApplications

To download the Marvit VoIP dialer client, which is a software application, to your mobile handset or your PC. you need have internet connection Edge, 3G or WiFi access to make a cals.

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PC Softphonefor Windows

Netdial.Online Dialer for is a softphone that once downloaded and configured with account details, cell phone users can start making VoIP calls from their regular devices. So now you can have a mobility and superior voice quality along with economic VoIP rates.

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  Country              Price Per Min. $
samaatel usa calling USA  5 Cent country call Canada 5 Cent country call Tunisia 22.5 Cent country call Marocco 21 5Cent country call Algeria 21 Cent country call Libya 19 Cent country call Egypt 15 Cent country call France 5 Cent country call Germany 5 Cent country call UK 5 Cent country call Italy 5 Cent country call Spain 5 Cent country call Iraq 6 Cent country call India 2.5 Cent country call China 15 Cent
netdial dialer